Company Overview
Testmetrix Inc. designs and manufactures test equipment for the semiconductor industry, in particular for Flash Memory Devices and CMSOS Image Sensors. High performance engineering as well as production testers are offered worldwide through offices in US, Europe, Japan and Taiwan.

The first products that Testmetrix introduced on the market were Universal Semiconductor Device Programmers. Within a few years the product line was expanded to include Semiconductor Device Test Equipment. In 1990, Testmetrix announced its first PCMCIA Memory Card Tester/Programmer. Anticipating the future growth of Flash Memory technology, Testmetrix introduced in 1992 the CardServer family of testers/duplicators, a popular line of engineering and production testers used by virtually every card developer and manufacturer at the time. This product line was featured on the cover of the September 1994 issue of Test & Measurement World magazine.

As new and faster Flash memory technologies emerged, Testmetrix developed and introduced in 2000 the VTE line of Compliance/Engineering testers for Flash chips and cards. The VTE-2100 tester was an instant hit and became the number one choice for Compliance/Engineering testers for Flash memory chips and cards on the market. It was followed over the years by subsequent VTE models, by the AVTE line of automated testers for production, and by the ICS/IST line of CMOS Imange Sensor testers.

Timeline of Achievements


Introduced the CardServer PCMCIA Flash Memory Card Programmer and Tester.


Compact Flash Association awarded exclusive contract for official CF Compliance Testers.


Introduced the VTE (Virtual Test Engine) 2000 line of products supporting SD/MMC cards.
MMCA awarded exclusive contract for official MMC Compliance Testers.
Introduced the VTE (Virtual Test Engine) 2000 line of products supporting SD/MMC cards.


Introduced the VTE (Virtual Test Engine) 2100 line of products supporting SD/MMC/CF cards.


Introduced SD Card Compliance Tester officially endorsed by the SDA.


Introduced Card Emulators (Host Test solutions) and Protocol Analyzers for MMC, SD and MS cards.
Provider of Compliance Testers for all Flash card formats.
As a sign of recognition for its contribution to the Flash card market, Testmetrix was voted to chair the SDA Compliance Committee Task Group for SD Card Test Specs.


Introduced the AVTE line of Automated Production Testers supporting NAND/NOR chips and SD/MMC/MS Flash memory cards.


Introduction of the AVTE-3000 1024 automated FLASH production tester.


Introduction of the VTE-3100 line of engineering and production testers supporting UHS-1 SD, eMMC, CF as well as NAND and NOR chip testing.
Introduced the AVTE-8010 family of semi-automated in-tray production tester.


Opened a Content Programming Center in Japan for programming Flash cards.


Introduced the new AVTE-8010T line of semi-automated test systems with integrated thermal environments.


Debuted the new VTE-3100E engineering and compliance test system for supporting eMMC 4.51+ and SD 3.0+.
Introduced the VTE4100 compliance tester.


Added engineering and production tester support for eMMC5.x and ONFI NAND Flash.


Added engineering support for SD UHS-II cards.


Added Compliance Test for UHS-II cards.
Added VSC test for UHS-II cards.
Implemented Embedded Protocol Analyzer for UHS-II cards.


Added Support for SD Card Spec 5.1 for non-UHS, UHS-I and UHS-II cards (including VSC and A1 tests).


Added Support for SD Card Spec 6.0 and 6.1 for VTE-4100 testers.


Introduced the ICS family of Image Capture Systems (ICS-1500/2500 D-PHY/C-PHY).


Introduced the IST family of Image Sensor Testers.


Introduced the ICS-CD25X8 Image Sensor Tester.


Introduced the VTE-7100 Engineering / Compliance Tester with support for SD Express Cards and SSD NVMe Gen4/5


Introduced the ICS-D25Q-E25X2 Quad Cannel Image Sensor Frame Capture Card (max data rate 2.5G)
Introduced the HDK-MIPI-CD45 Hardware Development Kit for MIPI CSI2/DSI2 (max data rate 4.5G)


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