The VTE-4100 is the #1 choice world-wide for official compliance and engineering test solutions for Flash memory cards. The system also supports all common NAND devices on the market.

The VTE-4100 offers more flexibility than any other tester on the market, supporting the current Flash cards on the market.

The VTE-4100 can be configured internally under software control with customized test processors, supporting any type of Flash memory storage device, and offering true real-time test capabilities.

A Protocol Analyzer configuration of the VTE-4100 is also offered, supporting current flash memory storage and host devices.


Adapters available for UHS-II SD, eMMC 5.0+, eMCP or NAND Flash memory storage devices

The compact size and USB interface make the VTE-4100 a portable, easy-to-install engineering tool

Clock Speeds up to 208Mhz+

Supports Vdd voltages from 0.8 to 5V

Supports 1/4/8/16 bit data bus

True RMS Idd Current Measurement

Clock shift capability versus data/control signals with 50pS resolution

Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 operating systems supported

Scripts 100% compatible with production testers

VTE-4100 Flash Memory Card Compliance, Engineering Tester

Above: VTE-4100E Flash Memory Card Compliance, Engineering Tester

VTE-3100E Test SW Library Screen Capture

Above: Actual VTE-4100E Test SW Library Screen Capture with optional embedd Protocol Analyzer

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