The VTE-3300 is the top choice for low-to medium volume manual production testing and programming for Flash memory cards and storage devices.

The VTE-3300 has up to four test channels that can be operated independently. Simply change the adapters in order to test different DUT types. You can even plug in a different test adapter, with each supporting a different DUT type, and run the tests simultaneously. Each test adapter contains 8, 16 or 32 test sockets, each with their own dedicated test processor.

The VTE-3300 offers more flexibility and better performance than any other manual production test solution on the market.

Actual VTE-3300 Test SW Library Screen Capture

Above: Actual VTE-3300 Test SW Library Screen


Up to 4 test or programming channels

Adapters with 8' or 32' sockets per channel are available, supporting: UHS-I SD, HS-MMC (Max Test Sites = 128)

Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating systems supported

Duplication-only models are also available

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